With the Flavor of Traditional Island Recipes

At Imerovigli, you can be sure that the quality of the flavors offered is created with love and respect for the Greek tradition with pure domestic ingredients. We follow the traditional islander ways of preparation, cooking, baking and serving, we use pure Greek raw materials, virgin olive oil and products with a designation of origin!

We offer unparalleled seafood delicacies, fresh local fish of the Aegean sea with high nutritional value, that reach your table directly from the trawlers of our partner fishermen, and also delicious red and white meat options from “free grazing animals” of the Greek farms.

Fresh local well-cooked fish, excellent seafood choices, octopuses and fresh mussels steamed on the basis of lemon and spices, Chios mastelo cheese breaded with toast and cornflakes with sesame honey, shrimp and crayfish barleys and delicious salads! Do not forget to try the Imerovigli salad, the grilled vegetables “Aglaia” and the homonymous seafood variety!

Our cellar includes a rich list of Greek wines, rare varieties of ouzo, tsipouro and Cretan raki to accompany your meal as you would on your vacation!

On Highlights: the treat at the end of your meal!


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